RinoSquad is proud to announce the addition of Jammy Pack to our lineup.

  After seeing the Icelantic Jammy Pack and last month’s SIA tradshow in Denver Colorado, I knew that this little line of products was going to be a hit and I wanted in on the whole enchilada. JP’s story JammyPack was conceptualized and created on the sands of Newport Beach, SoCal and put to the … Continue reading


A Word from Our Group Those of you (and you all know who you are) throughout the last few years who have Opened Up Your Homes, been Friendly Faces, given us Free High-Fives, provided us with New Road Tunes, Pointed Us in the Right Direction, and Pointed Us in the Wrong Direction, (b/c you knew … Continue reading

RinoSquad Proudly Presents CRISPI Technical Footwear to the Midwest

RinoSquad is proud to announce Crispi Technical Footwear to our line of products. We’re excited about our upcoming travels throughout the Midwest. September-November you will find us on the road with our trucks packed to the nines with some of the most advanced lines of products the outdoor industry has to offer.  It was easy … Continue reading

Icelantic Skis New Website Unveiled

  Icelantic 2011-12 Lineup Be An Animal! Icelantic Skis has unveiled their new website along with their 2011-12 lineup, themed, You Are An Animal! Pray to the snow Gods friends, pray.

Icelantic Skis Factory Tour

Check out how Icelantic’s skis are hand made at the Never Summer Factory right in the heart of ski country: Colorado, USA.

Repono Bike Storage Solutions

Bike Racks have started an industry rage with their patented bike mounts that take care of everyone’s bike storage issues – from the personal user to large scale commercial structures to city-wide solutions. Architects, universities, government buildings, parking structures, and everyone in between get ready for a change when pondering Green solutions for your home, … Continue reading

Point 65 Kayaks Amazing New Seat!

Here it is, the initial CAD specs for Point’s new seat. Fully customizable to the smallest specificity utilizing pneumatic pumps throughout. Maximizes comfort and performance. Another stunning innovation from the good people of Point 65 Degrees North Kayaks AB Sweden. This seat will be integrated into Point’s full 2012 lineup of light touring and touring … Continue reading

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