RinoSquad Proudly Presents CRISPI Technical Footwear to the Midwest

RinoSquad is proud to announce Crispi Technical Footwear to our line of products. We’re excited about our upcoming travels throughout the Midwest. September-November you will find us on the road with our trucks packed to the nines with some of the most advanced lines of products the outdoor industry has to offer.

 It was easy to see why Crispi has a reputation for extreme quality, after simply trying on a pair of hiking boots. Our subsequent field test in various environments made it abundantly clear that Crispi footwear was in a class all by itself – “A Totally Different Animal Altogether,” my brother remarked. Prehistoric bones; tough, but constantly evolving; artistic in design; subtle, but memorable; all coalesced into a harmonious blend finished with armor made of fine Italian leathers, and groundbreaking synthetics.

All that at the ripe old age of 35 .

We will be hitting the hi-ways and by-ways of the Midwest until we reach everyone interested is finding out why Crispi is the finest technical footwear on planet earth period

Ascent GTX 300 from Crispi

Crispi Ferrata 900


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